Who We Serve

GROWMARK is a wholesale cooperative serving ag and energy cooperatives, retailers, and businesses in the U.S. and Canada. Our vast terminal network enables us to serve customers in the U.S. and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains.

Ag Cooperatives

We know agricultural cooperatives better than anyone. GROWMARK partners with ag cooperatives who are interested in maximizing their profitability without sacrificing the quality, branded products their customers have come to expect. GROWMARK’s ag cooperative customers get access to the best quality fertilizerschemicals, and seed at competitive prices. As a cooperative customer, you have the opportunity to become a member of GROWMARK and enjoy even more benefits.  

Ag Retailers

GROWMARK works with ag retailers who want to maximize their profitability and ROI but don’t want to sacrifice premium products to get there. GROWMARK field staff understand these goals and work to develop a customized solution that fits each retailer’s unique needs. GROWMARK’s ag retailer customers tap into our massive buying power.

Fuel Retailers

GROWMARK works with fuel retailers, jobbers, travel centers, and other commercial energy providers. What sets GROWMARK apart for these customers is our commitment to a personalized and unsurpassed customer experience. Our field staff represent more than the quality bulk fuels and propane, premium lubricants, and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) they sell. They also represent GROWMARK’s unique investment in each unbranded energy customer’s success. 

Grain Companies

GROWMARK partners with grain cooperatives and grain companies in the Midwest. These companies are looking for a competitive market for their grain. GROWMARK’s partnership with COFCO International provides a new market for GROWMARK grain members and opens strategic partnerships around the world. GROWMARK grain members also enjoy the grain marketing and commercial construction services we offer to make their company more efficient and successful. 

Other Businesses

Although GROWMARK's background is as an agronomy and energy company, we also offers a number of services to business customers of all industries, including freight brokerage and credit card processing