About Us

GROWMARK is an agricultural cooperative serving cooperatives, retailers, businesses, and customers in the U.S. and Canada. We provide customers with fuels, lubricants, crop nutrients, crop protection products, seed, construction services, equipment, and grain marketing assistance. In addition, GROWMARK provides a host of services from warehousing and logistics to training and marketing support. 

Doing business with GROWMARK is easy. We stand by our products and our business practices and have earned a reputation of integrity. Our employees possess knowledge and expertise beyond compare and our strong vendor relationships ensure products are available, even during peak seasons and product shortages. GROWMARK customers don’t have to worry about products arriving on time; with GROWMARK, dependability is part of the package. 

GROWMARK claims the reputation as a strong and financially-stable business partner, with a customer-first attitude at its core.


Connection to FS 

We are proud of our long-standing relationship to the FS brand and FS companies. In 1927, predecessors of today's FS companies founded what would later become GROWMARK. Then, in 1955, we established the FS brand as a unified brand presence representing quality, integrity, expertise, and dependability. Today, GROWMARK and its FS members make up "the GROWMARK System," with GROWMARK serving its members and customers and FS companies serving farmers, businessmen, and consumers throughout the Midwest, East Coast, and Ontario, Canada. To learn more about FS, click here.


The GROWMARK System began in 1927 when Illinois Farm Bureau members organized local agricultural cooperatives in order to meet their growing demand for a reliable fuel supply. Soon, nine of those cooperatives combined to form Illinois Farm Supply Company, which merged with similar organizations in Iowa and Wisconsin to form FS Services, Inc. In 1980, GROWMARK, Inc. was established through the consolidation of FS Services, Inc. and Illinois Grain Corporation.

FS cooperatives in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin still make up GROWMARK’s core membership. GROWMARK has now grown into an expansive system serving customers across the U.S. and Canada.



"Our employees are at the heart of everything we do, and they are committed to bringing their best to each and every customer interaction." Mark Orr - GROWMARK CEO