GROWMARK Fuel Truck Fleet

Refined & Renewable Fuels

GROWMARK Energy offers a complete line of refined and renewable fuels to member cooperatives and retail energy distributors across the U.S. and Canada. GROWMARK's relationship with key players in the industry and network of terminals positioned on major pipelines ensures a reliable supply of quality liquid fuels at competitive prices.  Our customers appreciate doing business with us because of our reliable supply, excellent customer service and knowledgeable people. 

Quality Products

Our Dieselex GoldTM diesel fuel meet and exceed the standards. Sales of our proprietary, additized fuels are growing rapidly as customers experience the benefits of using the latest in fuel-additive chemistry. GROWMARK also offers winterized fuels, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), biodiesel and bioblends.

Risk Management

We know fuel costs are important to you. With over 90 years of experience in the petroleum business, we understand your business and how to help you use price risk management strategies to your advantage. 

Markets change, sometimes rapidly. Our price risk management group sends out the Energy Update, including technical and fundamental market information, twice daily. They also provide commentary and recommendations on when to contract fuel or fill inventories. If you wish, you can also receive tweets and text messages throughout the day with additional updates. As often as you want them, our licensed, series 3 brokers can call you for one-on-one consultations, too. 

With low contract minimums (6,000-gal diesel, 7,000-gal gasoline, 9,000-gal propane) and no upcharges, we'll lock in your price using a variety of contracts. We also offer contracts that average fuel prices during seasonal patterns when prices can be lower. In short, we help you execute local contracting strategies that reduce inherent price risks while creating buying opportunities attractive to your customers. 

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