GROWMARK offers members best in class seed brands with definite advantages to meet grower needs.  Our seed lineup includes a diverse set of genetics and a wide range of trait options and price points to fit every seed need.

GROWMARK’s high performing product lines include proprietary brands FS InVISION, FS HiSOY, FS Wheat, FS Alfalfa, as well as distribution agreements with DEKALB, Asgrow, and NK. Our proprietary brands benefit from local product research and testing, and when paired with our high performing national brand partners can provide packages of products that will offer performance that is second to none. 

More than just a seed provider, we deliver unmatched value through a high caliber seed support team, operational and logistics support, and marketing programs to keep your operation competitive.

We’re committed to supporting member owners in the seed business and positioning them for seed success. If you’re looking for rewarding income opportunities and sustainable seed growth, look no further than GROWMARK Seed.  Learn more about GROWMARK Seed.



FS InVISION Yield Trial Results

FS 59V

1st - FIRST INCE Early Trials - 250.4 bu/a

3rd - FIRST OHNW Full Trials - 239.5 bu/a

11th - FIRST INNO Full Trials - 222.3 bu/a

FS 61S

8th - FIRST INNO Full Trials - 217.8 bu/a

FS 63Z

8th - FIRST INNO Full Trials - 237.8 bu/a

FS 64R

4th - FIRST INCE Full Trials - 240.2 bu/a



FS HiSOY Yield Trial Results 

HS 25X70

4th - FIRST INNO Full Trials - 58.3 bu/a

HS 28x70

4th - FIRST INNO Trials - 58.3 bu/a

27th - FIRST INCE Trials - 67.1 bu/a

HS 33x70

8th - FIRST INCE Trials - 69.7 bu/a

HS 34x70

5th - FIRST INNO Trials - 58.5 bu/a

17th - FIRST INCE Trials - 68.3 bu/a

HS 38x70

8th - FIRST INCE Trials - 68.8 bu/a