CEO Staff

Jim Spradlin
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Orr

Vice President, Agronomy & CEO-Elect

Wade Mittelstadt

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Bill Covey
Vice President & General Counsel 

Ann Kafer

Vice President, Human Resources & Strategy Officer

Carol Kitchen
Vice President, Energy & Logistics 

Barry Schmidt

Vice President, Retail Business

Mike Turner

Vice President, Midwest Operations

Board of Directors

John Reifsteck

Chairman of the Board & President
Champaign, IL

Chet Esther
Vice Chairman
Frederick, Ill.

Bob Phelps
Vice Chairman
Rockton, IL

Kevin Herink
Clutier, IA

Robert Fecht
Toluca, IL 

Kim Fysh
Thamesville, Ont.

Brian Hora

Washington County, Iowa

Jeff Hurrelbrink
Winchester, IL 

Warren Jibb

Sunderland, Ont.

Andy Jones

Bloomdale, Ohio

Jason Lay

Bloomington, IL

Kevin Malchine

Waterford, Wis.

Jack McCormick
Ellis Grove, IL

Dennis Neuhaus

Hoyleton, IL

Ron Pierson

Walnut, IL

Allen Tanner
Creston, Iowa

David Uhlman

Tremont, IL

Lora Wright
Centerville, South Dakota