Find your GROWMARK Sales Representative

Number of Results: 24

Seed, Crop Protection, & Crop Nutrients

Greg Martindale

Northeast Sales Manager 937-766-1711 [email protected]

New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia

Justin Daughtery

East Cornbelt Sales Manager 309-212-9032 [email protected]

Mark Dietsch

Crop Nutrients West Sales Manager 309-557-6878 [email protected]

Joe Kilgus

Director, Crop Nutrients Sales & Marketing 309-557-6507 [email protected]

Tod Anderson

Area Sales Manager 309-557-6869 [email protected]


Graham Utter

Senior Area Sales Manager 309-557-6838 [email protected]

Southern Illinois

Lane Danielson

Associate Area Sales Manager 309-557-6471 [email protected]

Northern Illinois

George Hoselton

Associate Area Sales Manager 804-356-8852 [email protected]

Wisconsin, Virginia, and North Carolina

Andrew Meiners

Associate Area Sales Manager 309-557-6253 [email protected]

Indiana, Ohio, Michigan

David Parker

Senior Area Sales Manager 804-432-5486 [email protected]

North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky

Eric Dickerson

Territory Manager, Crop Protection 502-558-3195

Jason Schnell

Territory Manager, Crop Protection 641-521-7064

Lane Grow

Territory Manager, Crop Protection 540-529-5461

Trent Miller

Territory Manager, Crop Protection 803-480-3366

Theresa Yoder

Crop Protection Marketing Specialist 309-557-6865 [email protected]

Barry Soliday

Territory Manager, Crop Protection 217-871-1662 [email protected]

Steve Westrich

Territory Manager, Crop Protection 618-527-9111 [email protected]

Denis Shaffer

Crop Protection Sales & Business Development Manager 609-685-5524 [email protected]

Brian Manahan

Seed Area Sales Manager 314-378-1365 [email protected]

Northern Illinois

Greg Fonger

Senior Seed Marketing Manager 309-261-2813 [email protected]

Marty Dunton

Seed Area Sales Manager 814-329-0806 [email protected]

East, Southeast

Trent Schuckenbrock

Seed Area Sales Manager 314-378-1365 [email protected]

Southern Illinois, Kentucky

Bob Barker

Seed Area Sales Manager 319-483-8218 [email protected]

Iowa, Wisconsin

Ryan Hesterman

Seed Area Sales Manager 419-579-0481 [email protected]

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana