Who is GROWMARK Energy, LLC?

Are we a new organization, yes, and no. GROWMARK Energy, LLC, is a subsidiary of GROWMARK, Inc., created to serve
accounts that span the geography of multiple local member cooperatives and beyond.

Why should I be interested in doing business with GROWMARK Energy, LLC?

With wholesale sales volume exceeding $7 billion in fiscal 2017, GROWMARK has the critical mass to be a significant player in the dynamic energy industry. And, since we are part of a major agricultural cooperative organization where our customers own us, you can take advantage of the same great service our customers have enjoyed for over 90 years. Upstream, our relationship with key players in the industry, our strategic positioning on major pipelines, and our direct ownership of terminals and storage ensures our customers have security of supply.

What we do…

Simply stated, GROWMARK Energy, LLC, was formed to make it easier for customers whose businesses operate in more than one local member cooperative’s trade territory. Instead of working with as many as 30 extra vendors, you work with ONE. By managing all your invoices, we help you become more efficient. You get the best and most reliable service, the most dependable supply, and the most transparent pricing for easy reconciliation.

Our organization is built on productive relationships with independent member cooperatives across the USA and Canada. Their combined capacity includes 20 million of gallons of storage at over 150 bulk plants across the geography and a fleet of over 300 tank tank wagons. In addition, we manufacture and distribute our own lubricants and diesel exhaust fluid. We are positioned to provide unparalleled service levels for accounts stretching from the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast and from the southern US to Ontario, Canada.

Tank Wagon Service Area



More Information

Learn more about how GROWMARK Energy, LLC can take your operations further. Contact Steve Ryding at 309-212-8908 or [email protected]