COVID-19 Status

Farmers and Grain Companies Stepping Up to Help Out in COVID-19 Pandemic

In the midst of a global crisis, farmers and grain companies in the Midwest are stepping up to help feed those in need. FS GRAIN and Gold Star FS, both members of the GROWMARK System, are now accepting grain donations which will raise money for food banks across the region.

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In uncertain times, the familiar can be reassuring. GROWMARK proudly helps members feed and fuel the world through whatever challenges arise.


As our communities and customers feel the impact of COVID-19, GROWMARK continues our commitment to service AND safety. The busy spring season is quickly approaching and we're taking every measure possible to ensure COVID-19 does not interrupt our ability to serve you in the way you expect. 

We value the health and safety of our employees and customers above all else. We're implementing preventative measures recommended by the CDC (i.e. Cancelling non-essential travel and group events, remote working when possible, and self-quarantine of sick/exposed employes). 

GROWMARK is still here for you when and where you need us. Thank you for your support as we all work together to get the work done while staying safe and preventing the spread. 

GROWMARK Energy Contracting Hours Change 

Due to heavy contracting volumes, contracting hours will be from 7:30 am till 1:30 pm central time beginning today, Friday, March 20th. 

We greatly appreciate your business and patience during these times. 


Harry Cooney
GROWMARK Energy Risk Management

COVID-19 Distribution Center and Facility Update

Mark Orr, Vice President of Agronomy, and Carol Kitchen, Vice President of Energy and Logistics share a very important update on what we're doing to ensure the health and safety of our facilities during this critical time. 

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Regulatory Changes in Response to COVID-19

Many questions have surfaced regarding potential changes that impact our System on the regulatory front as a result of COVID-19. We continue to focus on the facts and provide input in the best interest of the GROWMARK System.

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COVID-19 Canada 

Canadian Independent Petroleum Marketers Association distributed a summary of federal actions.

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COVID-19 Information - U.S. and Canada Summary

GROWMARK continues to work with policymakers on the local, state and national levels in addition to other ag partners to stress the importance of agriculture in these uncertain times.  We must ensure that we have a safe domestic food supply that begins with a successful spring planting season.

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COVID-19 Governmental Updates and Resources 

GROWMARK is working in Canada and the U.S. as a team.  Farmers, members, and their cooperatives, are working to communicate with governments, policy leaders, associations, employees, and customers to assure agriculture can continue access and distribution of supplies necessary to have a successful planting season.

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