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July 14
Bridging the GAP

I started my career with GROWMARK a little over two years ago when I worked as a Corporate Communications intern. I quickly developed a deep loyalty to the System and knew that I wanted to return to GROWMARK after I graduated college. Luckily for me and a few other recent grads, GROWMARK has the GROWMARK Associate Program (GAP), an 18-month program that allows previous GROWMARK interns to work in three different divisions within the company before settling in a permanent role. GAP Associates also get excellent training and exposure opportunities in the System. My favorite part of the GAP, however, was the opportunity to work with and learn from other young new hires to the System. 

I recently completed my time in the GAP but not before I had the chance to visit another Associate, Brad Follmer, at his place of work. Brad is currently working at one of our grain member companies, Prairie Central Cooperative​, where he is responsible for scheduling trains, researching grain market fluctuations, and interacting with customers. Brad invited us out to Pontiac, Ill. to watch a train being loaded. I grew up on a farm so I'm no stranger to grain elevators but I had never seen an operation like this! I was fascinated by the methodical procedures and intense safety practices. I also couldn't believe that Brad, a 23 year-old and a co-worker of mine, was responsible for the marketing and billing of this trainload of grain, worth millions of dollars. 

Everyday I come to work thinking today will be the day that I realize I've learned everything there is to know about the GROWMARK System. Then, just like it did when I snapped this photo, it hits me that there's so much more to see. 


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