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May 20
On the road with GROWMARK - Day 1

I've been with GROWMARK for four years and I've had the wonderful opportunity to travel a fair amount within the System. However, I'm still amazed at how much I haven't seen. This week, a few locations will be crossed off of that list. This week, myself and three of my corporate relations coworkers have loaded up a minivan full of cameras, notepads, and chocolate and hit the road. Over the course of the week, we will visit 8 different System locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Our trip will take us to fertilizer facilities, SEEDWAY locations, and more. You can follow our trip here on the blog and on the GROWMARK facebook page, where you can guess where we are that day based on a photo that I post.

Today, our first day on location, we visited the GROWMARK Fertilizer Facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. This facility, formerly a CF terminal, then a part of a joint venture between GROWMARK and Bunge, is now a wholly-owned GROWMARK location. Equipped for 60,000 tons of dry fertilizer storage and 32,000 tons of UAN storage, the terminal is located on the Ohio river and receives all product by barge. With a staff of 10, the incredibly efficient facility can load 120 trucks in an 8-hour day.  

While the statistics and process at the Cincinnati terminal are very impressive, what really stood out to me were the people. Throughout our visit, I had the opportunity to meet nearly all of the 10 staff members and spoke with several customers. I was proud to hear each and every employee remark about what an excellent facility it was and how pleased they were to work there, and to be a part of the GROWMARK System. Customers remarked at how much they liked doing business with the Cincinnati facility compared to competing terminals in the area. I left Cincinnati feeling honored to be connected to System of hard-working and loyal employees and members.

I will give a brief recap of the journey each day here at the blog but we will be using the footage, photos, and stories from our trip in a variety of ways, including in Spirit magazine. ​



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