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December 20
Something new at the Princeton FAST STOP

Princeton, Illinois may be a small community, but thanks to the local FAST STOP, now they are making news for some exciting cutting-edge technology!

Last week Bob Sandhu, owner of the Princeton FAST STOP, and Mark Orr, general manager of Ag View FS officially opened three new ethanol blender pumps at the Princeton FAST STOP. These pumps can dispense a range of ethanol blended fuels, not just the traditional E10 blend.

“It was time to upgrade our gasoline pumps, so we went with Flex Fuel pumps that will give our customers a choice between E85, E30 and E20,” Sandhu said. Princeton FAST STOP celebrated the opening of the pumps last Friday, December 16, with special deals on ethanol blends and other promotions.

Read the story here, on



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