Building Capacity and a Brand (1945-1961)
​After nearly 60 years, the FS brand still represents excellent products and services that create solutions to customers' challenges. ​
Building Capacity and a Brand

Following World War II, the free market economy in America expanded - but the rules had changed. The shortages and restrictions of wartime had created an environment where manufacturers walked away from agreements to generate or supply products.

Since reliable supply was the cornerstone of Illinois Farm Supply, leaders reached out to similar state and regional cooperative organizations to invest in assets for the basic manufacturing of feed and fertilizer products, plus petroleum refining. The interregional cooperatives developed through this collaborative effort helped ensure supply and returned economic benefit to all of their cooperative owners. It was also during this period that a common brand was selected for Illinois Farm Supply products and services.

The strategic decision to consolidate efforts under the FS brand has paid dividends since 1955. The FS brand replaced several dozen different brand names in the company's product portfolio and provided a common identity for a unified marketing effort. The FS brand stands for quality products, dependable service, and a trusted advisor to help each customer create solutions to his or her unique challenges. Click here to hear more about the creation of the FS brand from former Chairman Mel Sims.​​ 

It was also during this period that the organization made a commitment to hire, train, and reward the best employee talent available. That commitment has not changed.