Surviving Chaos (1939-1945)
​During a time when our country's survival was in question, sustaining the farm supply business was difficult at best. ​​​​​
Surviving Chaos
Without the firm foundation of business processes and a clear mission, the chaos caused by World War II could have swept Illinois Farm Supply away. Of course, when the war began, the future of the free world was at stake. The loss of life was tragic. And, U.S. agriculture had the critical task of feeding the nation. As businesses tried to maintain their place in a difficult economy faced with product shortages, transportation restrictions, rationing, and a deficit of workers, the fact that farmers needed to efficiently produce food to feed the nation was paramount. Illinois Farm Supply rose to the occasion and worked diligently to ensure that it could continue to provide member cooperatives and their farmer-owners with the inputs they needed to produce crops and livestock.