Securing Resources (1927-1939)
Developing a business philosophy and operating process to endure the test of time was critical as Illinois Farm Supply began. ​
Securing Resources
Once the operations of Illinois Farm Supply were up and running, its leaders faced the growing pains that all successful start-ups experience. Throughout the 1930s, a strong and enduring foundation for the organization was built as the resources to sustain and grow the business were secured. Product lines carried by the co-op expanded, and Illinois Farm Supply agreed to invest in assets to source and deliver products, and its member cooperatives agreed to purchase products from the cooperative. Plus, it was during this time that the financial discipline of fiscal conservatism to achieve long-term profitability was embraced, along with an unyielding commitment to conducting business in an ethical way. As a result, Illinois Farm Supply and its member cooperatives survived the Great Depression with minimal financial issues.