Embarking on a Mission (1922-1927)
The transition from horsepower to tractors on the farm was the basis for the forming of the Illinois Farm Supply Company. ​​​​​​​
Embarking on a Mission

As the tractor replaced traditional horsepower on the farm, the need for a reliable supply of fuel surfaced. And since investor-owned petroleum companies were largely unwilling to deliver to rural areas, farmers who already had established local cooperative organizations came together to solve their own challenge by forming Illinois Farm Supply Company to ensure a reliable and affordable access to the products they needed. Illinois Farm Bureau supported the development of the farmer-owned business, which was organized as a cooperative. High quality standards were set from day one, and the business has never waivered from its original aims and objectives:

  • To improve the profitability of farming for farmers
  • To maintain sound financial policies and practices
  • To preserve member ownership and control
  • To lend support to Farm Bureau
  • To provide fair and equitable treatment for employees
  • To promote the welfare of the community, and
  • To operate under sound business ethics and principles.