FS Green Plan Solutions
FS Green Plan Solutions
With FS Green Plan Solutions, farmers know they have a trusted partner dedicated to enhancing farm profitability.
FS Green Plan Solutions

FS Green Plan Solutions is an integrated, solutions-based approach designed to help producers enhance farm profitability by providing complete agronomic recommendations from a trusted team of FS specialists. FS Green Plan Solutions allows the FS Agronomy team to focus on the needs of farm operations by providing full-season support. 

FS Green Plan Solutions stands head and shoulders above other crop management programs. That distinction is based upon resources dedicated to a specific operation:

  • FS Crop Specialists and Professional Custom Applicators work together to provide expert agronomic recommendations and application. From FS Seed choices that are specially chosen for Midwest growing conditions to input application plans and information management systems to help growers make the best decisions for their operations, the FS team delivers customized solutions.
  • Once recommendations are made, whole farm solutions allow producers to partner with crop specialists to create an individual service plan.
  • FS Green Plan Solutions also offers On-Farm Discovery, a scientific-method based trial program, helping farmers answer their questions on their farm with their data. The Pursuit of Maximum Yield is an On-Farm Discovery program specifically geared toward increasing yield per acre in light of a booming world population and rapidly increasing demand. 

To learn more about FS Green Plan Solutions contact your local FS Cooperative or search for them here.