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NewsPropane Autogas in the FS System

Propane Autogas in the FS System

Businesses and organizations are recognizing the benefits of switching from gasoline or diesel fuel to propane autogas and there are many reasons why: 
• Propane burns cleaner with fewer toxic emissions
• It's easier on engines, saves on maintenance costs and prolongs engine life
• Propane qualifies for tax credits, rebates and incentives as an alternative fuel
• Domestic propane production reduces our dependence on foreign oil
• Propane-fueled engines provide similar power, acceleration and driving range

While the FS System is enjoying the benefits firsthand through the use of propane powered vehicles, the real excitement has come with supplying and servicing customers such as school districts and municipalities.  Everyone is seeing how this clean-burning fuel is helping extend drain intervals, improving winter operability and saving money.

The industry refers to overall savings as "total cost of ownership" because fuel expense is only one component affecting the bottom line. Savings can be attributed to less fuel consumed, less maintenance, reduced oil consumption, less electricity to plug in diesel engines, and no diesel exhaust fluid.  It all adds up.

Becky Borkgren, GROWMARK's Propane marketing and technical services manager, is a vocal advocate in her new propane powered pickup truck.  "I love this truck.  It is bi-fuel and is equipped to run on gasoline or propane. We worked with Hendrix Industrial Gastrux located in Wauconda, IL to install an Icom North America liquid injection system. It's all "plug and play," meaning this system eliminates "splicing and dicing" of parts and minimizes the risk of errors." 

The benefits of choosing Icom North America's liquid injection system include:

• Power – a noticeable increase compared to gasoline 
• Torque – increased due to the cooling effect as propane evaporates, increasing air-propane mixture density. More mixture can be introduced into engine cylinders increasing torque.
• Cold start – It's reliable in cold climates...Older vapor systems are affected by ice blockages.

If you happen to run into Borkgren's truck in your travels, stop and have a conversation with her. She'll be quick to tell you that propane is a $15 billion U.S. industry and supports over 50,000 workers. For Becky, it's an easy sell.  What's not to like about a domestically produced product that cleans up the air, improves performance and lowers costs.

Visit to learn more about the FS System and Propane Autogas.