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NewsGROWMARK System Embraces National Pollinator Week

GROWMARK System Embraces National Pollinator Week

​June 22, 2016 -

Spring has sprung and most of the GROWMARK System pollinator plots are planted. As part of its pollinator program, GROWMARK donated seed to many of its supply and grain members to plant a wildflower mix that supports pollinator populations, including honeybees. The GreenYardTM Honey Bee Wildflower Mix will help promote honey bee health by providing an environment to thrive during a time when populations are in decline. FS and grain members were each given 10 pound bags of seed that will provide over 70 habitats across more than 25 acres.

In addition, 24 GROWMARK employees are also planting pollinator habitats as part of the program. Each employee received one pound of seed. Approximately 40 4-H clubs are taking part too. Clubs will secure a public location, plant, and tend to a mix of wildflowers selected to attract pollinator species.

Lance Ruppert, GROWMARK director of agronomy marketing, said the pollinator program is just one example of activities throughout the GROWMARK System that showcase sustainable practices. "The number of companies and employees participating in this program are a testament to our commitment to sustainable practices. The addition of more than 100 total habitats across a wide geography will provide additional opportunities for pollinator species to assist in our robust food production system."

Various GROWMARK and FS employees can be heard on local and regional radio shows discussing the program during national pollinator week, which runs from June 20-26.