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NewsGROWMARK Recognizes Award Winners at 2017 Annual Meeting

GROWMARK Recognizes Award Winners at 2017 Annual Meeting

​CHICAGO (Aug. 24, 2016) – GROWMARK recognized its yearly award winners during its annual meeting Wednesday.

​Friend of GROWMARK Award

Dr. Dave Downey, professor emeritus at Purdue University's Department of Agricultural Economics, was presented with the Friend of GROWMARK award.

"I have always been impressed by Dr. Downey's creativity, relevance and the passion he brings to everything he does," said Jim Spradlin, GROWMARK CEO. "His impact on the way our System employees and directors approach their roles in the ag industry is impossible to overstate. We offer our sincere appreciation and congratulations for a fantastic career shaping the Ag Retail Industry, and recognize his sincere investment in teaching the generations of Ag Retail professionals, for his significant influence on the Agriculture Industry as a whole, and as a partner and friend of the GROWMARK System."

Beyond his teaching, major learning opportunities Dr. Downey's leadership has brought to the GROWMARK System includes: The Purdue University Large Commercial Producer Research Project and the establishment of the Purdue Center for Food and Agricultural Business, an organization currently hosting the GROWMARK System Senior Leadership Development Program.

Performance Improvement Award

Five supply member cooperatives were recognized by GROWMARK for business performance improvement.

GROWMARK measures performance improvement based on return on invested capital. Over a five-year time frame, each cooperative's return on invested capital improvement is measured in comparison to other cooperatives in the GROWMARK System.

  • First – GRAINCO FS, Ottawa, Illinois – Richard Brummel is the president and Mike Builta is the manager. 
  • Second – North Wellington Co-operative, Harriston, Ontario – Gord South is the president and Kelly Boyle is the manager.
  • Third – Conserv FS, Woodstock, Illinois – John Henning is the president and Dave Mottet is the manager.
  • Fourth – Christian County Farmers Supply Company, Taylorville, Illinois – Rob Woods is the President and Mark Bauman is the manager.
  • Fifth – Durham Farmers' County Co-operative, Orono, Ontario. Charles Harris is the President and Kevin Rogers is the manager.

​Ceres Award

Three grain cooperatives were recognized by GROWMARK with the Ceres award. The award, named for the Roman goddess of grain, is awarded to grain cooperatives that achieve excellence by reaching the top 30 percent in all of the following criteria: Operating expense efficiency, return on invested capital to measure profitability for banks and stockholders' equity, bushel volume percent growth to measure sales bushel volume and relative market share, and GROWMARK's capital guideline ratio to measure shareholders' ownership when properly financed. The Ceres award winners are:         

  • Farmers Grain Company of Central Illinois - James Hild is the president and Ryan Edwards is the manager.

  • Graymont Cooperative Association – Eddie Hoerner is the president and Matt Jacobs is the manager.

  • Prairie Central Cooperative – John Wahls is the president and Mark Heil is the manager.

Endure 4R Advocate Award

GROWMARK recognized five crop specialists with the Endure 4R Advocate award. The award recognizes individuals who have excelled in engaging farmers in sustainable best management practices. The crop specialists are being recognized for their work with farmers in using the 4R (right source, right rate, right time, right place) approach to nutrient stewardship, assisting growers with fertilizer management, implementing a nitrogen management as a system, and more. The Endure 4R Advocate award winners are:



  • Adam Dexter – West Central FS – Williamsfield, Illinois
  • Don Jones – GROWMARK FS – New York/Pennsylvania
  • Jay Matthews – AgVantage FS – Charles City, Iowa
  • John Musser – Stephenson Service Company – Stockton, Illinois
  • Nicole Weber – FS PARTNERS – Ontario, Canada

Energy Awards

Dieselex Gold sales 

  • The FS member cooperative with this year's largest sales volume was AGRILAND FS with nearly 25,000,000 gallons.
  • Insight FS recorded the largest unit sales increase, with growth of over two million gallons.
  • The FS member cooperative with the largest percentage increase was TriCounty FS with a 12 percent increase in sales of Dieselex Gold.

Lubricants sales 

  • The largest unit sales volume was Gateway FS with over 245,000 units of lubricants sold.
  • The largest purchase increase was Conserv FS, who increased lubricant sales by over 20,000 units.
  • The largest lubricant unit percentage increase was Sunrise FS, who achieved a 90 percent increase.