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NewsFFA Makes A Positive Difference

FFA Makes A Positive Difference

​FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by promoting premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.

I have truly had the opportunity to live out the mission statement of the National FFA Organization. 'Career success' jumps to mind as I look at my blue jacket hanging beside my desk. Career success is not moving up quickly or obtaining a sales goal. My 'career success' is knowing I can truly support the company I am proud to call my employer.

My corduroy jacket was the vessel that introduced me to GROWMARK. I had the opportunity to speak during the Annual Meeting and present the values of the cooperative system. My time spent at Annual Meeting was more than a speaking engagement. Everyone was friendly, genuine and truly believed in the products, services and most importantly the people that make up the System. I realized I could see myself finding a place within the System and set a goal before even leaving Chicago that I wanted to become a GROWMARK intern. Not because of the products or services offered within the brand but because of the people. I felt aligned with what the company stood for. It was not just about making a sale but making sure it was the right sale. They were in the business to truly serve people.

As my jacket and I continued to travel, we met with countless companies and supporters of FFA. I found myself comparing other companies to GROWMARK and realized how truly unique the cooperative system is. The values, standards and people upholding them were unparalleled.

National FFA Week is not just a celebration of the agriculture industry and its future leaders, but a reflection on the relationships built, memorable journeys and how a simple blue corduroy jacket introduced me to my career.

Amie Hasselbring is a former Illinois Association FFA State President. She currently serves as a GROWMARK University Relations Recruiter, finding and hiring interns for the GROWMARK and FS Systems.