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Facility Planning

​A unique problem deserves a unique solution. That’s why at GROWMARK, we custom design grain systems to specifically meet the needs of the end user. No two grain operations are alike and no one understands that better than we do. GROWMARK Facility Planning’s mission is to provide equipment, facilities, and services that improve the operating efficiency of our customers. Using the latest technologies, most respected suppliers, and our own team of licensed engineers, the Facility Planning division at GROWMARK delivers maximum value.

Increases in farm size, facility size, and hauling equipment necessitate efficient product handling systems. Our experts work with clients to design grain drying, handling, and storage systems that meet every expectation and have the capability to expand with the operation. We consider receiving, handling, drying, storage, and load-out demands and present a grain system proposal that delivers solutions.

We use only the best quality products to construct dependable, state-of-the-art facilities that are sure to increase efficiency and profitability. We work with the leading manufacturers of grain systems and accessories to ensure that the products we offer deliver the best solution for our customers. When it comes to something as highly technical as a grain handling and storage system, rely on the expertise of the GROWMARK Facility Planning staff to design and build a system that will deliver years of service. GROWMARK’s Facility Planning division and the licensed engineers at NewTech Engineering, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GROWMARK, are equipped to design and build custom operating systems to meet unique needs.