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CompanyEnergy Facts

Energy Facts

  • GROWMARK procures, markets, and distributes refined and renewable fuels, lubricants and greases, propane, and related energy products through its network of cooperatives and distributors. 
  • Annual volume for the Energy Division exceeds 2.1 billion gallons of gasoline, distillates, and propane and 6 million gallons of lubricants. These products and lubricants are marketed by FS member cooperatives in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin and to member cooperatives and non-member customers in 24 states East of the Rocky Mountains. 
  • GROWMARK continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to the promotion of renewable fuels made from Midwestern corn and soybeans.  Approximately 80 percent of gasoline marketed by FS member cooperatives and subsidiaries contains a 10 percent ethanol blend.
  • GROWMARK is recognized as the premier marketer of biodiesel throughout the Midwest. In 2008 the National Biodiesel Board awarded GROWMARK the “Eye on Biodiesel – Impact” award for the System’s contribution to the overall success of biodiesel. 
  • Several years of record sales have made the GROWMARK System the four​th largest propane marketer in the United States.
  • The GROWMARK System has more than 230 FAST STOP branded convenience stores and unattended fueling sites that stretch across the Midwest from Michigan to Oklahoma. 
  • The Energy Division hosts an electronic payment system providing credit card, debit, and ACH payment processing for nearly 600​ member cooperatives and third party FAST STOP marketer locations with a total volume of $450 million annually.
  • GROWMARK owns a lubricant production facility and two lubricant distribution centers in its core geographical area. Lubricant and grease products are sold in 20 states and in the province of Ontario, Canada.​