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CompanyAgronomy Facts

Agronomy Facts

  • The GROWMARK System enhances farm profitability through FS GREEN PLAN® Solutions, which offer growers plant food, crop protection, seed, custom application, and agronomic recommendations on a field-by-field basis over their whole farm through a team of well-trained trusted professionals.
  • FS is an innovator, first on the market with many biotechnology products. FS Seed and the System-supported brands (DEKALB, Asgrow, NK, and Pride) offer farmers a complete line of seed and technology.
  • GROWMARK System seed sales are approximately 1.0 million units of seed corn and 2.4 million units of soybeans on an annual basis.
  • The Crop Nutrients Division sells approximately 3.2 million tons of fertilizer annually to meet growers’ needs in producing high-yielding, high-quality crops.
  • The Certified Crop Specialist (CCS) designation recognizes FS crop specialists for superior agronomic knowledge beyond the Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) designation and for advanced marketing knowledge to help improve grower profitability.
  • Agronomic Services provides technical training and recommendations through newsletters, technical bulletins, webinars, and in-person training throughout the year to more than 15,000 people annually.
  • The GROWMARK System was among the first to deliver precision farming variable rate application of fertilizer to provide more value to the grower. Information Management continues to grow with over 1.2 million acres of data processed annually through our FS GREEN PLAN® Solutions technologies. Agronomic Services is testing aerial imagery as a way to enhance crop scouting and improve management decision making. They are also exploring post application of variable rate nitrogen to enhance yield and minimize environmental impact of nitrogen use.
  • The GROWMARK System of cooperatives believes “from this point forward, every bushel will matter” and in response offers three FS GREEN PLAN® Solutions programs to enhance farm productivity.  These broad initiatives include On-Farm Discovery, In Pursuit of Maximum Yield, and Nitrogen as a Management System.