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GROWMARK Energy offers a complete line of refined and renewable fuels, propane, and lubricants to member cooperatives and retail energy distributors across the Midwest.  Sales of Dieselex® Gold, the flagship premium diesel fuel, are growing rapidly as users experience the benefits of using the latest in fuel-additive chemistry.  GROWMARK's relationship with key players in the industry and positioning on several major pipelines ensures a reliable supply of quality liquid fuels and propane at competitive prices.  Our customers tell us that they appreciate doing business with us because of our competitive pricing, reliable supply, excellent customer service and knowledgeable people.


Price Risk Management - Within GROWMARK's Energy Division, a team of price risk management experts are employed to help develop customer strategies to offset price risk and market volatility.  Using risk management tools, including various versions of fixed forward contracts, the risk management team works with each customer to meet their local needs.  Risk management contracts include but are not limited to:


  • Low contract minimums: 6,000 gallons diesel, 7,000 gallons gasoline, and 9,000 gallons propane. 
  • Liquid fuel contracts in individual months or multi-month contracts. 
  • Average Price Contracts based on seasonal patterns. 
  • Multi-month propane contracts with great flexibility.

The Risk Management team makes phone calls to customers daily to relay market information and discuss new recommendations.  They also send out daily communications in several forms including the twice daily Energy Update, a weekly Energy Customer Newsletter, text messages and tweets multiple times each day. Continuous up-to-date market information is provided to help decision-makers manage their refined fuels and propane businesses.

Click here for a complete list of GROWMARK Energy's Terms and Conditions documents.


It's one thing to talk about quality.  It's quite another to consistently deliver it.  When it comes to lubricant products and services, GROWMARK has taken on that challenge.  Across the Midwest, our "United™, FS®, and Archer® branded lubricants have built a reputation upon high quality and consistent performance. 

Since we manufacture our own products, we control the input as well as the process.  We know our lubricants consistently meet and/or exceed the highest quality standards.  In fact, our Council Bluffs, Iowa facility is a certified ISO 9001:2008 operation signifying quality control of all business processes.

Recent renovations to the manufacturing and warehouse facility have added and maximized efficiencies in purchasing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution.  Additional upgrades were made to the in-house lab to benefit quality assurance initiatives and provide oil analysis services to customers and end-users.  From custom blends for special situations, to supplying a full line of high-quality lubricants, look no further than GROWMARK Lubricants.