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Our Brands Brands<p>​At GROWMARK, we are proud to offer several of the most respected brands in the agriculture industry. Time-honored product lines under the FS brand stand side by side with the rapidly growing GROWMARK brand. FS cooperatives, retail agricultural input providers, farmers, and consumers all depend on the GROWMARK System to deliver the trusted brand of products they are looking for.</p><p><a title="We are proud of our historic relationship with the FS brand." href="#FS">FS</a></p><p><a title="​In 2000, we began marketing outside of our core territory." href="#GROWMARK">GROWMARK</a></p><p><a title="SEEDWAY is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GROWMARK." href="#SEEDWAY">SEEDWAY</a></p>
FS<p>We at GROWMARK are proud of our historic relationship with the FS brand. Introduced more than 50 years ago, the FS brand represents a standard of excellence for agricultural and energy-related products.</p><p>Farmers, businessmen, and consumers count on the people at local FS cooperatives throughout Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada and in FS companies on the East coast. In fact, it’s the people of the FS brand that set it apart. Always professional and dependable, FS specialists are trusted advisors with unmatched technical expertise and a genuine interest in partnering in a customer’s success. FS energy specialists offer reliable heating and fueling solutions to farm and non-farm customers while FS crop specialists act as trusted advisors in day-to-day farm operations.</p><p>FS companies are always exploring new ways to help customers optimize operations, navigate challenges and to ensure they are ready for what’s next. To learn more, visit </p><p> <a title="FS is synonymous with excellent agricultural and energy products." href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p> <a title="Click here for a complete list of FS companies" href="/brands-services/Pages/FS-Companies.aspx">FS Companies</a><br></p>
GROWMARK<p>In 2000, GROWMARK began marketing products outside of its core territory, in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. In addition to providing wholesale products and services to FS member cooperatives, GROWMARK is committed to bringing the same trusted and respected products that our member cooperatives depend on to distributors and retailers across the continental United States and in Ontario, Canada.</p><p>Doing business with GROWMARK is easy. We stand by our products and our business practices and have earned a reputation of integrity. Our employees possess knowledge and expertise beyond compare and our strong vendor relationships ensure products are available, even during peak seasons and product shortages. GROWMARK customers don’t have to worry about products arriving on time; with GROWMARK, dependability is part of the package. ​</p><p><a title="Everything a retailer needs to provide for farmer success" href="/company/Pages/Agronomy.aspx">Agronomy</a></p><p><a title="A complete line of refined & renewable fuels, propane, & lubes" href="/company/Pages/Energy.aspx">Energy</a></p><p><a title="New marketing alliances & risk management solutions" href="/company/Pages/Grain.aspx">Grain</a></p><p><a title="Equipment, facilities, & services to improve customer efficiency" href="/company/Pages/FacilityPlanning.aspx">Facility Planning</a></p><p><a title="Helping provide the right inputs at the right time" href="/company/Pages/Logistics.aspx">Logistics</a> </p><p><a title="Complete rolling stock package from fabrication to repairs" href="/company/Pages/GROWMARK-Tank-Truck.aspx">Tank & Truck Center</a></p>
SEEDWAY<p>​SEEDWAY is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GROWMARK, acquired in 2002. SEEDWAY is a full-line seed company headquartered in Hall, N.Y. The subsidiary markets one of the most extensive and diverse commercial vegetable seed product lines in the industry, sold from the Rocky Mountains to the East coast and in Ontario, Canada.</p><p>SEEDWAY also serves the commercial turf seed trade, supplying premium products to landscapers, golf courses, municipalities, and more. Finally, SEEDWAY offers an extensive product line of regionally tested, adapted, and proven farm seed varieties, including corn, silage, soybean, and small grain seed, all specially designed for Northeast and Mid-Atlantic growers.</p><p>Visit the SEEDWAY website for more information on SEEDWAY products, or to order vegetable seed online.</p><p><a title="SEEDWAY is a full-line farm, turf, and vegetable seed company." href="" target="_blank"></a></p>